Calvary Cemetery
Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio

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On the south side of North Ridge Road west, ½ mile west of Broadway. Lorain. Contact 555 North Ridge Road, Lorain OH 44052, (440) 233-5117 or (440) 233-7784. Surnames are in alphabetical order and are provided by individual contributors or transcribed.

Deo M., b. Apr. 21, 1927, Philippines, d. Dec. 27, 1993, Lorain Co.
Zenaida E. ( Enriquez ), b. Jan. 8, 1939, Philippines, d. Apr. 3, 2004

Alyssa Marie, b. July 17, 1993, d. July 17, 1993

Gabriel, b. April 30, 1997 d. April 31, 1997
Gregory R., b. Nov 22, 1996 d. Nov 22, 1996

Abraham E., b. March 13, 1992 d. March 15, 1992
Erma (Ferenczi), b. Aug 4, 1926 d. Sept 25, 2006

Alex Govannie, b. Sept 24, 2000 d. Sept 24, 2000

Baby, b. Nov 23, 2002 d. Nov 23, 2002

Nina, b. June 8, 2003, d. June 8, 2003

Baby Girl, Aug 28, 1916 - Aug 28, 1916
Cornelia, b. March 17, 1907 d. Jan 1, 1910
Frank, b. 1869 Italy, d. Jan 24, 1929
John, b. Feb 6, 1867 Italy, d. Jan 5, 1930

David J., b. 1898 Ohio, d. 1973
Edward Allen, b. Sept 28, 1926 d. Jan 30, 1995

Brooke Lyn, b. July 31, 2006 d. July 31, 2006

Helen Zagorsky Hendry (her husband is buried at Elmwood - no tombstone; mother Helen and son - same stone)
David B. Hendry, (son of David and Helen Zagorsky Hendry)


Theresa B. Zagorsky Lieb, separate military stone from husband
Brendon B., husband of Theresa B. Zagorsky Lieb - has separate military stone

Stella Zagorsky (separate stone from husband)
John (husband of Mary Stella Zagorsky Stitak - separate stone)
Gerald John (Infant son of John and Mary Stella Zagorsky Stitak - separate stone)

Antonia Szczepankiewicz, mother of Josephine Zagorsky
Antoni J. Szczepankiewicz Brother of Antonina Szczepankiewicz; husband of Victoria (Krokas); and father of Charles and Stanley
Victoria Krokas Szczepankiewicz wife of Antoni J. Szczepankiewicz
Charles Szczepankiewicz son of Antoni J. and Victoria (Krokas) Szczepankiewicz
Stanley Szczepankiewicz son of Antoni J. and Victoria (Krokas) Szczepankiewicz
Sophie Jesiolowski Szczepankiewicz wife of Stanley Szczepankiewicz

Josephine, wife of Andrew Zagorsky
Joseph W.
Helen Milas, wife of Joseph Zagorsky
Clara M. Koba, wife of Floyd Zagorsky
Edward A.
Elizabeth V. Peti, wife of Edward A. Zagorsky
Alex S., separate military stone
Rosemary Spando, wife of Alex S. Zagorsky - separate stone
Stanley, same stone with wife
Ethel Rose Potemry, wife of Stanley Zagorsky - same stone with husband

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