For the moment, this is just a listing of the cemeteries in Lorain County. In the future, the transcriptions and photographs that were here will return. Please check back to see our progress on these pages. Thank you for your patience.

NameLocationCity / TownshipNotes
Agudath JewishSr 113, E edge of Amherst twp, btwn Oberlin Rd & Elyria Twp lineAmherst 
Cleveland StreetWithin city of Amherst about ¼ mi east of the center Amherst 
Crandall FamilySr 113 & Sr 58. Moved to Kendeigh Cem in 1959Amherstsee Kendeigh Cemetery
Crown HillSW of Center within city of Amherst on Crown Hill Ave.AmherstSexton, Elmer Bado, has only records of burial
EvergreenWest of center of south Amherst (cor Sr 113 & Pyle Rd) behind (south of) Methodist ChurchAmherst 
KendeighE. side of Quarry Rd., ¼ mile south of Middle Ridge Rd.Amherstsee Crandall Family Cemetery
Middle RidgeNorth side of Middle Ridge Rd., east of AmherstAmherstDAR book
Onstine FamilyNorth end of Quary Rd., 2 miles west of AmherstAmherstDAR book
Pioneer (Webb's?')¼ mile south of cor of Sr 113 and Pyle rd (center of S. Amherst)Amherst 
Ridgehill1195 N. Ridge Rd., LorainAmherstfirst burial 1929. City has records
St. Joseph CatholicNorth side of Middle Ridge Rd., near intersection of S. Amherst RdAmherst 
Center MoundsAt Sr 254 & SR 83Avon1929 listing
Elmhurst ParkDetroit Rd. (Sr 254) near east boarder of Lorain countyAvon 
Holy Trinity CatholicNear church on Sr 254 (Detroit Road)Avon 
Lake Shorenorth side of Lake Rd (Sr 2) near Sr 83Avon 
Memorial Park Resthaven -- Memorial Park VeteransSr 83 about 1 mile south of Sr 254 Avon 
St. Mary's CatholicSouth of Sr 254 on stoney Ridge Rd and Church St.Avon 
Calvary Catholic555 W. Ridge Rd., across from Elmwood CemeteryBlack River(now within city of Lorain)
Charleston Sixth Street6th Street between Oberlin Ave and Hamilton Ave in LorainBlack River(now within city of Lorain)
Elmwood640 N. Ridge Rd., south edge of twp.Black RiverJohn Derifay, Supt, will answer questions
New BrightonSr 511, ¼ mile south of Sr 18Brighton 
Old BrightonSouthwest corner of Quary Rd. and Jones Rd,.Brighton 
Loveland FamilyQuarry Rd north of Sr 18, in Echo Valley Golf CourseBrighton 
Claus FamilyWest of Lorain, on south side of Sr 2, just east of the Ford PlantBrownhelmsurrounded by fence of Lorain Sewage Disposal Plant. Now Desecrated
Lake Road6 miles west of Lorain, Sr 2, south side, west of Baumhart Rd., BrownhelmExtinct, remainder was copied in 1947
North Ridgenorth side of North Ridge Rd at Sunnyside RdBrownhelm 
Rugbysouth side of North Ridge Rd., southwest of Mill HollowBrownhelm 
Camden - Kiptonnorth side of Sr 20 between Sr 511 and Gifford rdCamden 
Brookdaleat Sr 20 and Russia RoadCarlisle 
LaPortenorth side of Butternut Ridge Rd., ¼ mile west of LaporteCarlisle 
South Murray RidgeCorner of Murray Ridge Rd., and Russia RoadCarlisle 
Old Baker - Hoadley - WestviewIn center of Riverside golf course, corner of Sprague Rd. and Redfern Rd.Columbia 
Columbia Townshipeast side of West River, north of Sr 82Columbia 
Butternut RidgeCorner of Butternut Ridge Road (Sr 10) and Durke RoadEaton 
St. Mary's CatholicSr. 57 (Grafton Rd) about 1 mile northwest of GraftonEaton 
North Murray Ridgewest side of Murray ridge Rd., south of Sr. 113Elyria1970 listing
RidgelawnCorner of Cleveland Street and Gulf Rd.Elyria1930 listing
St. Mary's Catholic7284 Lake Ave.Elyria 
Belden - Old Grafton Centeron Sr 303, ¼ mile east of sr. 83Grafton1972 listing
Nesbetton Sr 57 about one mile east of GraftonGrafton1972 listing
Nichols - West Graftonsouth side of Sr 303, between Chamberlain Rd. and Vermont Rd.Grafton 
Gore - Orphanageeast side of Gore-Orphanage Rd., 500 feet north of Sr 113Henrietta 
Henrietta Methodist ChurchSr. 113 west of HenriettaHenrietta 
Hernietta TownshipVermillion Rd. near Sr 10, south edge of townshipHenrietta 
Sander's HillSr 113, 1000 feet from Gifford RdHenrietta 
Baker's Crossing - Evergreen - Sage - UniversalistNew London Eastern Rd., west of Sr 58Huntington 
Huntington Centeron Sr 58, north of Sr 162Huntington 
Methodist ChurchOn Sr 58, just south of Huntington Center CemeteryHuntington 
Bushwell Cemeteryeast side of Diagonal Nickle Plate Road just north of Biggs Rd.LaGrange 
Knowles - River Roadeast side of Indian Hollow Raod, ¼ mile south of Sr 303LaGrange 
LaGrangenorth side of Sr 303, west edge of villageLaGrange 
Rockwoodeast side of Nickle-Plate-Diagonal Rd,., 2 miles north of Sr 303LaGrange 
Knappwest side of Foster Rd., ¼ mile south of Sr 18, ¼ mile from road.Penfieldmoved to Penfield Township Cemetery
Penfield Townshipsouth side of Sr 18, ¼ mile east of Penfield and Sr. 301Penfield 
East PittsfieldNorth side of Sr 303, ¼ mile east of Sr 58 and PittsfieldPittsfield 
Jackson Familywest side of Nickle-Plate-Diagonal Rd., near Webster Rd,., southwest corner of townshipPittsfield 
South Pittsfieldcorner of Hallaur Rd., and Sr 58, south of PittsfieldPittsfield 
Fields Cornersnorth side of Sr 10 (Lorain Rd), ¼ mile east of Root Rd.Ridgeville(now within city of North Ridgeville)
North Ridgeville Centercorner of Stoney Ridge Rd. and Sr 20 (Center Ridge Road)Ridgeville(now within city of North Ridgeville)
St. Peter's Catholic35777 Center Ridge Rd.(Sr 20) behind St. Peters ChurchRidgeville(now within city of North Ridgeville)
Sugar Ridgesouth side of sugar Ridge Rd., east of Bender Rd.Ridgeville(now within city of North Ridgeville)
Beckley - South Rochestersouth side of New London-Eastern Rd., southeast edge of townshipRochester 
Rochester Centernorth side of Sr 162, east of Sr 511Rochester 
Rochester Stationsouth side of Griggs Rd,, west of sr 511Rochester 
Episcopal churchMorgan St,, two blocks from Westwood CemeteryRussia 
Westwood - Woodlawnsouth side of Morgan street, Oberlin, southwest section of townRussianew cemetery
Day - Root Familieswest side of East River Rd., (Sr 301) near French CreekSheffield 
Garfieldsouth side of Sr 254, ¼ mile east of Gulf RoadSheffield 
St. Teresa Catholic ChurchSr 611 at Abbe RdSheffield 
Salem Jewishnorth side of Sr 254, west of Elyria Ave., east of Sheffield Shopping centerSheffield 
Vincent Catholicnorth side of Sr 254, between West River Rd,., and black RiverSheffieldwas partially moved and the remaining graves abandoned
Clifford Familynorth side of Sr 18 along frnce row, ¼ mile east of Wellington, not visible from rd.Wellingtononly 4 stones
GreenwoodCemetery Rd., south side of Wellington, off Sr 58Wellington 
Pioneer - Seeley - West Herrick Ave.south side of Herrick av., two blocks west of center of Wellington, Sr 58WellingtonGreenwood cemetery also has a copy of records?


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