Day-Root Family Cemetery
Sheffield Township, Lorain County, Ohio

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Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication, Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, by Marilyn Allis, and updated by Thomas Hoerrle, LCHS volunteer.

On the west side of East River Road, just north of its intersection with French Creek Road, this is a small family burial place. The dates on the stones begin with Rhoda Maria Day who died in 1825 aged 27 years. Day-Root Family Cemetery. Only 8 members of the Root and Burrell Family Founders located there. Contact Catherine Price Gentile, 5450 Colorado Ave, Sheffield Village OH 44054-2331, phone or fax# 440-934-3055

Henry, d Apr 6, 1829, 62y
Mary D., wife, d Feb 14, 1859, 87y

Sarah Eliza, wife Wm. H., d Apr 29, 1833, 25y

Capt. John, d Oct 8, 1827, 54y, War of 1812
Lydia, wife, d Oct 9, 1854, 80y
Rhoda Maria, d Oct 20, 1825, 27y

Frederic, d Aug 11, 1870, 25y

John Ingersol, d Oct 15, 1838, 60y
Sophia Ann, d Oct 1838, aged 4yrs 6mos

Robert I., son J & CA, d June 7, 1850

Mary ABBOT, wife Lawrence / Lorenso, d June 27, 1837, 24y

Harriet C., dau J & CA, d Oct 26, 1837, 17m

Charles E., son James & Anne E., d Apr 14, 1837, 3m 29d

John, d. Oct 1846, age 6 mos

unknown, d. Jan 1845

Maude B., d. Dec 25, 1963

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