Greenwood Cemetery
Wellington Township, Lorain County, Ohio

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Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication, Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, by volunteer Penny Hanes, July 2000.

Located on the south side of Cemetery Road just east of SR 58. The Wellington Trustees bought land of Frederick and Nancy Hamlin in 1844 to add to the old burying ground. The stone having the earliest date is that of Lois Loveland, wife of Abner Loveland, the Revolutionary War Veteran, who is also buried here. Lois died in 1835. The graves of Archibald Willard, the painter of “The Spirit of ‘76”, and his wife Nellie are also here. For burial information: Greenwood Cemetery c/o Wellington Union Cemetery Board, Village of Wellington, 115 Willard Memorial Square, Wellington, OH 44090, phone 440-647-7671

The list below of those interned is not a sexton record transcription, rather an alphabetical listing by
surname as tombstone photos are submitted.

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Baker, Edgar D. -- [close-up]
Baker, Ella w/o Edgar

Chapman, Alice
Chapman, Ella (Perkins)
Chapman, Grace DeEtte (Phelon) w/o Lucien
Chapman, Henry E.
Chapman, Isabel (Lindsey) w/o John Austin
Chapman, James
Chapman, James L.
Chapman, John
Chapman, John Austin
Chapman, John L.
Chapman, Lomira R w/o Henry E
Chapman, Lucien Hamilton
Chapman, Mabelle E. (Mrs. John L.)
Chapman, Mary Irene
Chapman, Oren P
Chapman, Rachel w/o James
Chapman, Robert Austin

Samuel Henry d. Oct 30, 1892 aged 72 years
Susan Louisa, d. Feb 28, 1917 aged 90 years

Dieter, Grace E. (Mrs. Robert)
Dieter, Robert P

Nooney, Anna Sicrist
Nooney, Dona A. (Mrs. Robert D.)

Perkins, Abel Dewey and Mary Nooney
Perkins, George Alonzo
Perkins, Isabella (Dewey)
Perkins, Mary (Spaulding) Nooney w/o Abel

Pratt, Lyman B. -- [close-up]

Provine, Delitha T. w/o Stephen
Provine, Stephen S

Roberts, Eric Leland
Roberts, Grace (Chapman) w/o George J.

Edwin R.
Harriet M. (Archer) w/o Edwin
Sarah R. (Weaver) w/o Edwin

West, Cynthia w/o Roger
West, Edward
West, Emeline C w/o Edward<
West, Roger

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