Onstine Family Cemetery
Amherst Township, Lorain County, Ohio

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Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication, Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, by Volunteer, Jeanne Crews, 1999.

Located on the northwest side of Cooper Foster Road one mile west of Oak Point Road. This graveyard has been moved to Kendeigh Cemetery. This was the Onstine Family Burying Ground, and the oldest stone was that of Christina Onstine who died in February 1823. For further information contact Amherst Twp Garage, 7530 Oberlin Rd, Amherst Oh 44001, 440-988-5882 or 440-988-5844.

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Henry, d Sept 10, 1825, 14y

Henry B., son John & Nancy, d Mar 22, 1852, 7y 10m
Frederick A., son J & N, d Mar 10, 1860, 20y 11m 9d

Daniel, son Fred & Eliz, Jan 22, 1784 - Sept 27, 1865
Susan, wife, July 5, 1793 - July 1, 1860
Ann, dau, June 3, 1819 - Feb 9, 1875
Frederick, Dec 21, 1760 - May 20, 1837
Elizabeth, wife, d Jan 6, 1842, 83y 10m 6d
Frederick, d Apr 7, 1857, 71y 2m 6d
Remember, wife, d Mar 6, 1860, 66y 2m 3d
Henry, son Fred & Rem, d Oct 9, 1860, 38y 1m 2d
Philip, son Fred & Rem, d Sept 13, 1862, 32y 11m 5d
Andrew J., son Fred & Rem, d Feb 27, 1857, 27y 7m 29d
Catherine, wife John, d June 4, 1843, 35y 11m

Nancy dau Fred & Rem, d Jan 9, 1856, 36y 8m

Opha Olivia, dau Theodore & Emeline, d Feb 4, 1851, 3wk 2d

Sarah, dau Henry & Susan, d Feb 10, 1837, 7y 5m
Christina, d Feb 12, 1823, 24y

Eva Jane, Jan 13, ?- June 10, 1959


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